Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why we love Snow Days

It doesn't come as much of a shock that I don't like winter, however I also believe that there is nothing better than a snow day. I love going outside catching snowflakes on my tongue, sledding, building snowmen...(if only it could be warm.) Snow is a pretty new concept for McKinlee and she isn't too sure how she feels about it...she loves it at first but after about five minutes she is cold and wants to go in.

This year Mia was determined to make her snowman with out any help, she did really good until it fell over and she had to remake it, she spent the day practicing snowboarding with her dad down the large hill in front of our apartment, in the end she was plum warn out and fell asleep reading a book.
Finally after weeks of practicing in front of our apartment Josh took Mia out the the slopes to try snowboarding for "real" They went to Boyce park, which is just a little ski park, no lifts but a rotating sidewalk type thing that takes you up to one of the two hills that they have there...the perfect place for a beginner to go besides it is only 7 dollars for a child's day pass and 10 for an adult...that way we didn't feel bad if Mia hated it and wanted to leave...

Josh and Mia excitedly got on the black rubber "carpet" (Mia's words) got to the top of the beginner hill and Mia began to cry as she looked at what she had to go down...Josh spent 5 to 10 minutes telling her it was the only way to get off of the hill and about 20 minutes later they were only 1/3 of the way down... Finally Josh held her hand and she started to get the hang of it. Josh told me that by the end of the evening she didn't want to leave. She would stand about four or five people in front of him on the way up and be half way down the hill before he could catch up with her...she had everyone at the park cheering for her...and loved it. She can't wait to go again. Then as they were getting ready to leave...the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile pulled just to put a cherry on top.

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Zent Family said...

What a little snow bunny!!! I am so impressed!