Monday, May 24, 2010

Why We Love Daddy!!!

Because He teaches us how to skip stonesand helps us run on water
Because he lets us give him makeovers and sometimes paint his nails Because he teaches us to love Animals and how to care for them

Because he always pulls us on our sled

and helps us build Snowmen every Winter

Because he gives the best kisses

Because he holds us at the Beach when we are afraid of Crabs and Jellyfish

Because he takes us to baseball games, even though the Pirates almost always lose

He is the best horse ever
He likes to take us hiking and teach us about nature
He walks us through the sprinklers and gets really wet
He hooks up the TV in the Car when we go on long trips
He always plays the Princess Kitty when we play Princess because he is the BESTEST DADDY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, and we love him very much!


ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

you guys are the best, love ya!!!!!!

Karen said...

We cute!Love nana

Zent Family said...

It takes a special man to be a daddy of just girls!!!

The Ballantyne's said...

Josh, you ROCK