Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open House

On September 7th we attended the Open House for Mia's Elementary School. I was anxious to meet Mia's teacher who as Mia put it is much younger than me... and happy to see that she is a little older than me but keeping in mind that both Mia's Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers have retired she must seem very young. She is desk partners with Jackson, which they are both excited about.
McKinlee wanted to sit in Mia's desk so we let her...a few moments later I looked over and saw that she had taken the styrofoam apple off of the teachers desk and was trying very hard to take a bite out of it...then she tried to hide it in Mia's desk...hee, hee what do we do with her

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ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

love it!!!!!!!! love you guys!! let's do dinner this week sometime!