Friday, July 29, 2011

Uncle Jeff

Since he moved his family to China we haven't had a lot of time with Josh's brother Jeff.  When they lived in Detroit we saw them at least 3 or 4 times a year.  This past month Jeff had to travel to Columbus for work, and we couldn't pass up the oppertunity to drive over to see him, even if it was a 7 hour round trip drive for dinner.
The girls were happy to see him, he was shocked at how much Mia and Wynter have grown, and all he could say about McKinlee is that she is a little ball bursting with energy.  She wanted to be the Princess and Jeff the King, but Jeff decided to be the Dragon...then McKinlee realized how much fun the Dragon was and made Jeff be the Princess while she (the Dragon) chaesed him around.  I think a ball of energy is a slight understatement. 


Karen's Korner of the World said...

Jenn I love all these pictures! but once in a while I wish you could be in them! So glad you got to spend time with Jeff!

Ken said...

Princess Jeff. That cracks me up. McKinlee is a ball of energy. Mia is getting so tall. Wynter you are so cute. Love the photo.

Unknown said...

Jenn, thanks for sharing your experience with Jeff. Thanks for making the 7 hour trip for dinner. You are awesome. The girls are so cute and so much personality! Love ya