Monday, January 30, 2012

Brilliant, if I do say so myself

Cooking is something that I really enjoy doing. However, coming up with what to make, hoping I have the right ingredients, and making it with 4 kids, is not. I needed a solution, it was becoming part of the day that I dreaded, so I came up with one. The kids love to help so why don't I let them help? I came up with 6 different jobs, and divided them up between everyone, some jobs are paired, no one washes the dishes by themselves, and others are single, one person can easily wash the table. And everyone gets a night off, including me.

The best part is everyone is assigned a night to cook. I took one night to cook by myself, and have help every other night. I also gave Josh a night that he is in charge. On their night to cook, the kids get to pick what we make. They tell me on Saturday what they want to make on their day, I make sure to have all of the ingredients on hand, and then they help me. It makes it a little more work for me, but they love it and can't wait for their night. I was a worried about how much help McKinlee and Wynter would really be. But I realized McKinlee can cut fruit with a butter knife and Wynter can pour things into a pan and help mash potatoes. I am proud to say Josh has only ordered pizza once, and we have only had Macaroni and Cheese once time as a side to homemade corn dogs.


Ken said...

I am on my way for dinner soon.

Laura Perkins said...

brillant, if i do say so myself. I hate cooking all together so props to you. with your training they won't need your help in a few years and you might get to set back and relax.