Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A few months ago Josh and I realized that it was time to face the facts, our family had reached a point that we needed the dreaded MINI VAN!  We began our search and soon realized that they cost a lot more than we thought, we thought about putting our search on hold, then a company in Brownsville had a blowout sale.  They had several in stock and they began to drop like flies, so Josh and I realized this was our chance.  Josh went down to make the big exchange.  I sent him under the pretenses that we didn't want to take all four kids.  (Hee,Hee)  Josh got there and there were only two left, thankfully one of them was one that we had been looking at, and sitting right next to it, was Josh's Dream Truck, fully loaded.  As Josh sat there drooling, and dreaming a sales man came and asked, "want a test drive?" I am sure with his shoulders hunched and his head hanging Josh mumbled, "Yes, but I need to test the van." A few hours later, Josh came home in the van.  That evening, he and I were talking, and I said.  I think for my birthday this year we should go get Mani, Pedi's together.  Josh quipped back at me. "Honey, I already feel like I lost my testicles today, if you are going to make me do that we might as well have surgery and make the change!"  I guess we won't be doing that.  (On a side note, it has been great for the kids to be able to get themselves in and out, and I love Stow and Go!)

I suppose I hadn't been sufficiently humbled with the Van experience, but thankfully I have children who can take care of that. Anyone who knows Mia, knows that she is the sweetest girl on earth.  This past week she was feeling very service oriented.  One evening she was having a hard time falling asleep so I massaged her feet with lotion while she visited with me and we read books.  The next day she wanted to repay the favor.  As she was rubbing lotion on my tired feet, she reached my toes, confused she kept rubbing the top of my big toe, she could feel something there, that didn't feel right.  Finally she looked, and in horror exclaimed, "You have hair on your toes!"  I responded, "Yes, I haven't shaved." (Lesson 2 for me)
Still not being humbled, my next encounter was with McKinlee, my curious one.  I was sitting on the couch playing with her and reading books.  She noticed something on my chin and being thoughtful pulled it off, it didn't come, so she tried again, and again, and again.  Then in horror (it's always in horror) she yelled, "You have hair on your Chiny, chin, chin!" Apparently I have been very neglectful in my grooming.(Lesson 3)
Feeling less than stellar about my appearance, I decided to make the kids a treat.  Cooking is something I am good at and the kids love, appreciate, and can't find anything wrong with.  I wanted to try a recipe I had found,  zucchini brownies.  As I was making the brownies from scratch, McKinlee came along and asked if she could help me make the brownies.  I responded, of course you can.  So she got a chair, climbed up to the counter and looked around.  Then she looked at me and said, I will go get the box for you, since  you forgot it. Apparently my kids think I am a good cook, but it comes out of a box. (#4)
Finally I was making 4th of July shirts for my kids, I am tried of the Old Navy ones that can only be warn once, unless you want everyone to know you are wearing a shirt from 2007.  I borrowed my friend's sewing machine and started to sew on the ribbons, that were going to make the stripes in the flags.  Curious Mia came over to watch, She watched for a moment then felt the need to say, "Make sure you seperate the front from the back, otherwise you will sew the shirt together" and thus voicing her complete lack of confidance in me.(5)
Thank you Mia and McKinlee, I believe I have now been sufficently humbled.  I think for the next few days Wynter and Ryken will be my favorites, they are too young to notice my inadquacies.


Ken said...

These stories are priceless.

kate said...

hee hee! nothing like kids to humble ya, that's for sure. that van looks totally pimp though! awesome. and those shirts are wonderful! well done jenn! i think i'll go shave my legs now. . .

the packard family said...

Welcome to the mini club Jen! I must admit 'odyssey' and I are besties these days! LOL! Love your awesome stories-so glad to hear real mom stories!!