Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fa La La la La Lala cough cough cough

I know I usually have a few Christmas Time entries, this year was a blur, I don't know if it was the shortened Holiday Season, our crazy schedule or if I am just super lazy...hmm should work on that last one. 
We usually go to a really cute tree farm and hunt for our tree, this year however we couldn't make it work, we found a cute place at the bottom of our street that had reasonable prices, and had a lot hunt.

We also got so spend some time with Sombrero Santa at our Ward's Christmas Fiesta, and I had a lot of fun planning the party with our good Friends Don and Elaine Steffeneauer.

Gingerbread house was it's usual fun for the kids, however we discovered how different boys and girls are, while the girls were busy picking the best candy accessories, Ryken was busy knocking down their masterpieces.

The Sunday before Christmas we got up and ready in our Christmas clothes, I took pictures, which you can see at the bottom of the blog. We went to church, not feeling well I left after the 1st hour, by the time Josh got home with the kids I had full fledged Bronchitis, I spend the rest of the day in bed, thankfully Josh was off on Monday, so he took care of the kids while I wrapped presents, in between coughing fits and naps.  On Tuesday I sucked it up and dragged my sick self out of bed to keep our family tradition of a Movie and P.F Chang's, we met our friends the Machan's for dinner.  Everything was going well, minus the outbreaks in sweat from my low fever and suppressed coughs, when suddenly McKinlee threw up, at our table in the middle of  P F Chang's, I took her to the bathroom, thankfully I had bought her a new sweater while we waited for our table changed her shirt, and we went back to try and enjoy the rest of the meal.  By the time we got home bronchitis, and manifest it's self in her.  We read the Christmas story opened our new pj's and sent the kids to bed.  By 3 am Ryken was coughing and throwing up, we had our usual breakfast casserole, opened presents, and Mia and Wynter joined in our symphony of bronchitis coughing.  We spent the rest of the day cuddled up watching movies, and enjoying our time as a family.  And a big shout out to Joshua who not only took care of everyone but also manned most of Christmas by himself. 
and a few shots brought to you by McKinlee and Wynter who felt bad that Mom wasn't up to it.

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