Thursday, September 6, 2012

Return from a brief break

Our annual trip to Raccoon Creek Lake, over Labor Day weekend.  Sweet summer why do you have to leave us. 

On September 6th my Sweet Baby Girl turned 10!  Can you even believe it, she informed me that she is no longer a kid, she is officially  Tween! Heaven Help Me!

 For her Birthday she just wanted some alone time with Mom and Dad.  We were happy to oblige, I forgot how nice it can be to go out to eat with out little ones.  *note to self: Do this more often.
 What Birthday would be complete without moustaches?  If any of you were wondering why Josh won't grow you know he can't pull it off...I one the other hand was a little concerned at how natural and comfortable it felt.  I spoke in an Italian accent the rest of the night.

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kate said...

YAAAAAY!!! I really can't tell you how much it means to me when you and our other pgh peeps post a blog. It makes me so happy to see your faces and hear your stories. More please! And I think Josh can totally pull off the stache! I'm thinking a Fu Manchu would look perfect.