Monday, September 10, 2012


I know there are sun beams across McKinlee's face in this picture, someone once told me that in pictures those are't sun spots they are angles...I kind of like that thought; and since that is what McKinlee is I thought it was fitting.
I can't believe she has started preschool!  No matter how many times I ask my kids to stay little, they just won't listen. 
We are sending her to Pleasant Hills Community Preschool, it is a large Presbyterian Church.  McKinlee has made several friends, and has a few boys who are always chasing her.  I love this preschool, her teacher prides herself on being a "messy" teacher.  Every day they paint, glitter, play dough, and bake.  She has made pumpkin muffins, pumpkin seeds, and apple sauce. 
Every day they recite a prayer that changes monthly for their snack.  Here is my favorite story so far.
McKinlee: Mom, I had to fix my teacher today.
Me: You did? What did you do?
McKinlee: We Started to say our Snack Prayer, and my teacher wasn't folding her arms or closing her eyes.  So I raised my hand and told her that you are supposed to fold your arms and close your eyes for prayer
Me: What did your teacher say?
McKinlee: She said that you don't always have to.  So I told her that she was wrong and that it shows respect for Heavenly Father.
I am not sure what her teacher thought, but I was on proud mama,

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kate said...

right on mckinlee! love it. love her. :)