Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready or Not, Suprise

Last week I was taking my kids Birthday Shopping for Josh, I got the kids loaded into the car, and started to back out, then I saw it...a car following me, when I stopped, it stopped.  When I drove it drove figuring they just wanted to turn around in my driveway, I decided to wait.  Then they pulled in, I grabbed my phone and started to call Josh, I figured he had forgotten to tell me that somebody was coming over.  He didn't answer, hoping I wasn't about to get shot or mugged, I decided to look at the people in the car, with my phone in hand and 911 on speed dial. Out of the car came my MOM and DAD!  Once it sunk in that I wasn't about to be killed, I turned to the girls and said look whose here...Mia climbed over the top of her sisters and went running arms open and ready for bear hugs.

We had a fabulous weekend of working in the yard, cleaning the house and spoiling the kids.  Thanks for coming Nana and Pawga


Ken said...

It was an awesome time. I am so glad that we came and that we were able to surprise you and the kids. I love your home, I loved being able to help in the yard. It made me appreciate my FLAT lawn. hehehe Love you and we will surprise you again someday.

Sienna said...

Oh that's hilarious...what a GREAT surprise!!!